5. Smokey Good Owner of Good Hair Suite 32

5. Smokey Good Owner of Good Hair Suite 32

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Smokey Good is a hair dresser who took a leap of faith to branch out on her own during the pandemic as a first time Entrepreneur. She talks about what it was like to leave her clientele in Beverly Hills and how social media & foot traffic have given her the ability to build her clientele locally. She now has her own suite where she has the ability to provide a comfortable setting for not only her clients but her Son too! Her whole reason why she took this journey on her own, and it's given her the ability to spend more time together even while she is working. I just love this conversation and I hope you guys had takeaway's from it like I did! If this resonates with you or you have any feedback, give us a shout out at @theiriegirlpodcast & @goodhairsuite32 on Instagram & facebook.

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